iasip meme: [1/2] relationships:
↳ mac and dennis.

"He just tried to kiss me…"

This is 90% of this blog’s lifeblood.

Whenever I start crushing on a celeb, they get a girlfriend.  Who put this curse on me!?! 

I have a 2500 word essay do in 6 hours

And I am 375 words away from finishing! 

What website do you use to watch the latest episodes of your favorite show?

Hey guys! I’m doing a research paper and I need some info about where you watch TV online. Please get back to me soon. Thanks!


believe in yourself as much as robert downey jr believes in himself

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What do you think of my tattoo, guys?

What do you think of my tattoo, guys?

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Lives her life each painful and loving day

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Questions? You do? You don't? You do?!